Vice Provost for Career Advancement and Engagement and Evans Family Executive Director of the Career Center

Alex Sevilla, Ed.D.

Career Center 

Alex Sevilla is the Vice Provost for Career Advancement and Engagement and the Evans Family Executive Director of the Career Center. He leads a new strategic focus on career advancement and outcomes, designed to enlighten the pathway for Vanderbilt students and empower the future of Vanderbilt graduates.

In his role, he oversees the Vanderbilt University Career Center, builds collaborative partnerships that connect student career development to academic programs and experiences and establishes strategy to enhance employer and alumni engagement across Vanderbilt.

Sevilla holds a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and teaches in the areas of emergent leadership, emotional intelligence, influence, leading teams and leading change. He speaks regularly on various leadership topics, both on and off campus, with an affinity for working in the intersection of leadership and diversity, equity, inclusion and access. He enjoys partnering with those who aspire to become transformational leaders – leaders that create dynamic cultures and inspire others to the highest levels of motivation, collaboration and performance.

From 2016 to 2021, Sevilla served as the Associate Dean and Director of the Heavener School of Business at the University of Florida (UF). From 2003-2016, he served as the Assistant Dean and Director of MBA Programs at UF. In both roles, Sevilla and his teams focused on advancing critical thinking, experiential learning, career readiness, EDI and leadership skill development to maximize student engagement, development and outcomes.Sevilla’s passions center around helping others, life satisfaction and family. He is inspired by the opportunity to help others understand and develop their unique strengths, and then use that awareness to make confident choices that will help them advance their career success, and more importantly, their life satisfaction.

Alex Sevilla
101 Kirkland Hall