TIPs Council and Review Panels

About the TIPs Council

The TIPs Council was established in Fall 2015 with nine at-large members—as agreed upon by the Chancellor, the Provost, and the President and CEO of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Membership was increased to eleven to ensure diversity across disciplines. The size of the Council helps foster genuine deliberation among a diverse set of scholars. The goals of the Council are met by ensuring broad and inclusive representation from the humanities, social sciences and natural and physical sciences.

Council goals:
Formed in response to a recommendation of the Academic Strategic Plan, the Council is charged with identifying TIPs applications that represent worthwhile investments and demonstrate the characteristics to expand and strengthen Vanderbilt’s research and teaching portfolio.

Terms of service:
Council members typically serve 2-3 year terms, but leave and new administrative duties can alter length of service. Term expirations are staggered to ensure continuity among the Council.

Selection of new members:
Potential Council members are identified by canvasing existing members and working with Deans from across all schools and colleges with academic appointments. A call for nominations is posted in the spring—self-nominations are accepted.

Review Process

Since the inception of the TIPs program, the Review Process has evolved and developed into what it is today. Review panels are comprised of a group of faculty representing each of Vanderbilt’s schools and colleges. This inclusivity ensures broad and inclusive representation from the humanities, social sciences and natural and physical sciences.

Cycle 2019 Review Process:

  • Council and Panel Members are charged – goals of the program and their role are reviewed during meeting.
  • Reviews are submitted via InfoReady Review.
  • Reviewers meet as a group to discuss the applications that they reviewed, identifying pros and cons. Ultimately, reviewers come to a consensus on a funding decision for each application.
  • Award letters are distributed through InfoReady Review – feedback entered into the system as well as a brief summary of the meeting discussion is provided to the applicant.

Note: This process is continually being evaluated and improved upon. Any comments or suggestions regarding the Review Process may be submitted online by completing this anonymous web form.

TIPs Council – Cycle 2020

Co-Chair Padma Raghavan, Vice Provost for Research

Co-Chair Jennifer Pietenpol, Executive Vice President for Research, VUMC

Celia Applegate, William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair

Camilla Benbow, Patricia & Rhodes Hart Dean of Education & Human Development

Brett Benson, Associate Professor of Political Science

Dave Cortez, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research

Susan Guttentag, Julia Carell Stadler Chair in Pediatrics

Kelly Haws, Anne Marie and Thomas B. Walker Jr. Chair

Nancy King, Lee S. and Charles A. Speir Professor of Law

Robin Fountain, Professor of Conducting

Bunmi Olatunji, Professor of Psychology

Eric Skaar, Ernest W. Goodpasture Chair in Pathology

Sharon Weiss, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

TIPs Review Panels – Cycle 2020

Co-Chair Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Associate Professor in Psychology and Human Development

Co-Chair Velma Murry, Betts Chair in Education and Human Development

Jimmy Byrd, Associate Professor of American Religious History

Joy Calico, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Musicology

Ashley Carse, Assistant Professor of Human and Organizational Development

Maureen Gannon, Professor of Medicine

Angela Jefferson, Professor of Neurology

Owen McGuinness, Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Kim Rathmell, Cornelius Abernathy Craig Chair in Medicine

Betsey Robinson, Associate Professor of History of Art

Rena Robinson, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Florence Sanchez, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chris Serkin, Professor of Law

Richard Willis, Anne Marie and Thomas B. Walker, Jr. Professor of Accounting

Jamey Young, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Roy Zent, Thomas F. Frist Sr. Chair in Medicine