Provost’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee (PSMPC)


The Provost’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee supports evidence-based policies and practices for addressing and preventing all forms of sexual misconduct.  The PSMPC includes faculty members from all Provost-reporting schools.  The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives, and a faculty member on the Steering Committee on Initiatives Affecting Women serve ex officio.



Rolanda Johnson, co-chair, Associate Professor of Nursing

Stan Link, co-chair, Associate Professor of the Philosophy and Analysis of Music

Jessica Clarke, Professor of Law, FedEx Research Professor, Co-Director, George Barrett Social Justice Program

Katherine Friedman, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Aimi Hamraie, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health & Society

Jessica Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Management

David Lubinski, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Psychology & Human Development

Michelle Murray, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Andrea Page-McCaw, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

Ann Tate, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

María del Carmen Triana, Professor of Management

Pamela Waynick-Rogers, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Elizabeth Zechmeister, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Political Science

Franklin Ellis, Jr.ex officio, Director of the Provost’s Office for Inclusive Excellence

Tracey George, ex officio, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

William Robinson, ex officio, Vice Provost for Academic Advancement and Executive Director of the Office of Inclusive Excellence

Cara Tuttle Bellex officio, Director of the Project Safe Center

Isaac West, ex officio, Associate Professor of Communication Studies