Vanderbilt Climate Change Prediction Market


Type: Vanderbilt Initiative Award (ViA)

Vanderbilt Climate Change Prediction Market (VCCPM) will provide a unique web-based platform to conduct research on individual beliefs on important social topics such as climate change. A typical prediction market establishes contracts that pay $1 if an event occurs at a specified future date. Because users are free to trade, prices reflect the subjective probability that the event will occur. Existing academic-based prediction markets have proven accurate in forecasting political elections, often earlier and more accurately than polls and a robust academic literature has evolved studying prediction markets. Unlike existing prediction markets that focus almost exclusively on short-term political elections, VCCPM focuses on public beliefs about social and scientific outcomes such as climate change – and how they evolve over time. More importantly, it includes long-term predictions, allows for disaggregation of the demographics and political beliefs among participants and also has direct policy and social science research implications.

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owen graduate school of management

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