Soldier-Inspired Innovation Incubator for Discovering Research-Based Solutions



Type: Vanderbilt Reinvestment Award (VRA)

Soldiers solve difficult problems everyday but imagine the possibilities if they could access the One Vanderbilt ecosystem. This TIPs VRA will amplify collaborations underway between multidisciplinary researchers, Soldier scholars on campus and Soldiers 1-hour north of Nashville at Ft. Campbell. Army Futures Command has launched its first Educational Partnership Agreement with Vanderbilt, positioning Vanderbilt to become the national model for Soldier-integrated research innovation. TIPs support will augment the Army’s investment by fueling off-campus exploration with new shared and mobile instrumentation for Soldier measurements and rapid prototyping. The team has been working to reinvent the innovation process to rapidly discover research-based solutions and students are already having unique experiences and career opportunities as a result. The award will enable an expansion of scope and allow for planning to attract industry partners.

Lead Faculty in bold

School of engineering

  • Douglas Adams, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • Kevin Galloway, Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Janos Sztipanovits, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Computer Engineering.
  • Karl Zelik, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

College of arts and science

School of medicine (clinical)


Owen Graduate School of Management

  • David Owens, Professor of the Practice of Organizational Studies.