Data Science Visions


Data Science Visions

Type: Vanderbilt Initiative Award (VRA)

Data science is closely related to “big data”, which focuses on particularly large and complex datasets, but data science is more focused on the process of learning from, and making decisions based on, the data rather than the size of the dataset itself. Data science can be applied to smaller datasets as well. Data science is revolutionizing many academic fields, while in industry it is emerging as critical training for careers in the new information-based economy. This program aims to build a trans-institutional institute in data science that promotes and facilitates data-driven research in all schools and departments through interdisciplinary collaboration. It will also develop both formal and informal trainings in data science to give our students at all levels a competitive advantage in their future careers.

Faculty Participants

Lead Faculty in bold

College of Arts & Science

School of Medicine (Clinical)

  • Yu Shyr, Professor of Biostatistics

Blair School of Music

Divinity School

Law School

Owen School of Management

Peabody College

School of Engineering

School of Medicine (Basic Sciences)

School of Nursing

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