The Vanderbilt Pre3 Initiative

Program Overview

Pre3Type: Vanderbilt Initiative Award (ViA)

Annually, more than 100 million pregnancies experience a major complication. In the United States, Tennessee is one of the states most affected by this problem. Pregnancy complications not only contribute to poor health during infancy, but are recognized as risk factors for chronic illnesses in adults. The Vanderbilt Pre3 Initiative represents a trans-institutional team of faculty and trainees dedicated to reducing the burden of adverse pregnancy outcomes with a special focus on prematurity. Faculty from across Vanderbilt are collaborating in teaching, discovery and implementation of new knowledge to improve maternal-child health through research, education and outreach. The opportunities and challenges around reducing premature delivery and improving outcomes for children and their families are immense and the Pre3 Initiative will serve as a base from which to build Vanderbilt into a world leader in improving maternal and newborn health.

 Faculty Participants

Lead Faculty in bold

School of Medicine

Peabody College

  • Kimberly Bess, Associate Professor, Dept. of Human & Organizational Development
  • Sharon Shields, Associate Dean for Professional Education
  • Carol Nixon, Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Human & Organizational Development

School of Engineering

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