Digital Commons Labs

The Digital Commons features two two labs: a digital media lab staffed by the Center for Teaching and a digital imaging lab staffed by the Vanderbilt Libraries.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab helps faculty learn to create and use digital media in their teaching. The lab offers resources, training, and support in the following areas:

  • Video production - three 3K cameras, teleprompter, green screen, live streaming, and professional editing suite

  • Audio production - microphones, acoustically treated space, multi-track recording and editing software

  • Photography - DSLR camera with lighting kit and lightbox (for "product" photos)

  • Graphic design - Adobe Creative Suite, digital tablet and pen

See the Digital Media Lab website for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Digital Imaging Lab

The Digital Imaging Lab, located in room 014 of the Digital Commons building at 1101 19th Avenue South, houses the equipment and resources necessary to photograph and digitize most 2D and 3D subjects. The lab offers instruction and guidance to any Vanderbilt faculty member who wishes to learn new imaging skills and techniques for use in their research, scholarship, creative expression, or teaching. The in-house Digital Imaging Specialist is available throughout the day to help faculty and others learn to use the tools and technologies in the lab.

The lab is capable of providing instruction and advice on any matter related to 2D and 3D imaging, including:

  • 2D and 3D scanning and manipulation - For faculty who want to digitize their slides and objects for use in the classroom, in research projects, or in publications and presentations

  • General Photography and Imaging - For faculty needing photography use in any project they are pursuing

  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop - For faculty interested in color correction, compositing of images, and other image processing

  • Cinema4D - For faculty interested in the manipulation of their 3D models or the creation of entire 3D worlds around them

Use and Reservations

To schedule at time to visit the Digital Imaging Lab, please email Connor Gilmore, digital imaging specialist. Faculty are invited to use the lab to learn about 2D and 3D imaging, or to use the gear in the lab if they already know how. Please note that the Digital Imaging Lab is intended to be a learning lab for faculty and those on their research and teaching teams. Students aren't allowed to use the lab unless they are serving as a teaching or research assistant.

Help and Services

One-on-one instruction

The lab is open to instructors of all backgrounds and skill sets. No prior experience with any technology in the lab is required for use. For beginners, the digital imaging specialist is available to teach the ins-and-outs of all the hardware and software in the lab. Instruction can be specific to one project or task, or directed more broadly to improve your skills overall.


The lab is also open to providing help beyond the scope of that mentioned above. This can include the use of the digital imaging specialist for on-site photography needs, the compositing and editing of large images in Photoshop, or the creation of 3D worlds in Cinema4D. Additionally, the lab specialist is available to give consultations on the right equipment and software that would best fit instructors projects' needs.

Image Orders*

Need pictures scanned out of a book, or a digital model of a small object? The Digital Imaging specialist is available to get the things you need digitized quickly. Just drop your things off with Digital Commons administrative assistant Teresa Benedetti at the front desk of the Digital Commons and the lab will have your scans ready within three business days

* for use only by members of the History of Art and Architecture department and the Classical and Mediterranean Studies department

Meet the Digital Imaging Specialist

Connor Gilmore joined the Digital Commons as a Digital Imaging Specialist in Fall 2021. He runs all of the operations of the Digital Imaging Lab. Connor holds a B.A. in Art History from Stanford University. Prior to joining the CFT, Connor was a Chappell Lougee scholar for fine art at Stanford's Art and Art History Department. He brings extensive experience of photography and imaging to the center and is excited to learn new applications for his passion.