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24-Hour Crisis/Support Hotline: (615) 322-SAFE (7233)

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Faculty Resources

Staff of the Project Safe Center are available to answer your questions and offer class presentations on any topic related to sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence.  Call us at (615) 875-0660 for a consultation.

To learn more about faculty reporting obligations, click here.

For guidance on identifying and supporting students in distress, click here.  To submit a Student of Concern Report to relevant parties, click here.

The February 2016 issue of Engage: The Newsletter of the Faculty Senate includes articles to increase faculty awareness of their mandated reporter status as responsible employees of Vanderbilt and resources available to faculty to help them address students who experience sexual misconduct.

Where can a faculty member turn for additional training and resources?

Project Safe has two quick reference cards, both of which are available to faculty upon request. The Project Safe wallet card has the hotline number and website for Project Safe. The Project Safe Title IX Reporting Obligations primer card, which is larger, contains talking points and additional information. Many faculty and staff members choose to keep these resources by their desk. To request materials, please email us at

The Title IX Coordinator and Title IX investigators in that office offers a variety of trainings and are available for faculty and staff wishing to learn more about their mandatory reporting obligations.  (615) 322-4705.

Sexual Assault Investigation Process Flowchart

In-Class Presentations (including last minute requests!)

Project Safe staff are available to present to your students on a variety of topics connected to sexual health and safety, sexual violence and the law, compliance in the educational setting, contemporary prevalence of intimate partner violence (as criminal behavior and/or social problems), the language of violence, myths and misunderstandings about sexual violence, etc. We are often available to present with short notice, so please consider including us when relevant and/or reaching out to us rather than cancelling a class meeting. We regularly present to classes of all sizes, undergraduate, graduate, and professional, and are happy to tailor our presentation length, format, and topic to best suit your needs.

Department, Division, Staff, or Team Meetings

Project Safe staff are available to present to faculty and staff on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to) Project Safe services, responding to students in distress, how to best support survivors (whether students or colleagues), sexual harassment, dating or domestic violence, stalking, prevalence rates, University approaches to violence prevention, and more.  We regularly present at departmental meetings and are happy to be on the agenda, whether you can allocate 10 minutes or an hour. Depending upon the content requested, we may collaborate with our campus partners such as VUPD, EAD, Student Accountability, or the Center for Student Wellbeing, among others, as appropriate.

Help us spread the word!

Please feel free to copy the images below (right click and copy or save) for use in your syllabi and/or on office doors.  For sample language to include in your syllabus, feel free to reach out to us at Project Safe or to staff at EAD for guidance.  If you would like cards or stickers of these images, please email us at to request as many as you would like.

PSC Hotline Card




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The following services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
  • Project Safe Support Hotline: 615-322-SAFE (7233)
  • Vanderbilt University Police: 911 or 615-421-1911
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center Emergency Services: 615-322-0160
  • Nashville Sexual Assault Center Hotline: 1-800-879-1999
  • YWCA Crisis and Information Line: 615-242-1199
  • Vanderbilt Project Safe staff are available at the Project Safe Center, 304 West Side Row, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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