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Selecting a Law School

These websites all contain helpful information regarding choosing the right law school.  There are also helpful websites that can help you identify schools where you would be a competitive candidate based on your LSAT and GPA.  Above all, consider enrolling where you have the best chance of rising to the top of your 1L class.  Outside of the top 10 schools, your class rank is typically more important than the rank of your institution.  While there are multiple variables to be considered, you need to visit your potential law schools and ask yourself where you think you would thrive academically and professionally.  Professor Russell is happy to discuss your proposed list, share with you the scores for recent Vanderbilt graduates who have been accepted into law school, and brainstorm on what your best course of action should be. 

Assessing your options based on LSAT and GPA – from the Law School Admission Council

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Selecting A Law School: Look outside the Classroom