Commodore Closet Application and Permission Form 2019-2020 

Are you in need of professional attire for an upcoming interview, Career Fair, or other professional development experience, but have financial concerns?

Qualifications: You must be a current junior or senior and have financial need based on records with the Office of Student Financial Services.

What is expected of me? You can pick up the card & packet at the Career Center. Within a week of purchasing your outfit, turn in all receipts to the Career Center, write a thank-you note to the donor (may be anonymous if preferred), and then give the note to the Career Center in person or electronically. If submitting via email send to

Please note: The card will not affect your financial aid, but you may need to complete a Form 1099 for income tax purposes. We have a limited supply of cards due to funding. Please allow up to 10 business days from your time of request to receive your card. Stop by or email for more information.

 “I write you with immense gratitude. I received my gift card two days before a job fair I was rushing to prepare for and was able to select and tailor a suit in time to make the ultimate first impression. As a young professional applying for positions alongside seasoned vets, I’ll take any boost in confidence I can get, and my new outfit provided a substantial one. I hope this program continues, and I hope to one day make my own contribution.”

“I wanted to thank you for donating to the Vanderbilt Commodore Closet. As a senior embarking on the job search, the interview process is always intimidating, but as a foster child without the guidance or financial means that my peers seek from their parents, it’s absolutely terrifying. Now knowing that I can walk confidently and proudly, into an interview looking my best, gives me faith that I will perform as suavely as I will look. I quite literally would have had no way to afford a suit otherwise – your support means more than you could possibly know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Special thanks to our alumni & parents who have contributed to the Commodore Closet! 

If you’re interested in supporting the Commodore Closet fund, please contact Cathy Weisbrodt at