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Getting an internship or job within a legal setting will expose you to the field. It can also provide you with networking opportunities and hopefully a strong letter of reference.  But finding these opportunities as an undergraduate can be daunting.  In general, Law Firms do not hire undergraduate interns (preferring to hire law students instead.) But seeking an internship with a non-profit law firm, County Clerk's Offices, Legal Aid societies, the Public Defender and District Attorney’s offices can be worthwhile and fruitful endeavors. 

Aim for securing this type of internship the summer before your senior year, or during the first semester of your senior year in college.  Seek the guidance of the Vanderbilt Career Services office or reach out to friends and family members who may have connections in the legal field.  Professor Russell can also provide assistance with finding legal internships in Tennessee.  For more information on Vanderbilt Career Center’s Internship resources click here.