Centers of Expertise

At the core of our division, we believe in creating an environment where every individual feels valued, understood and integral to our collective success. We embrace the transformative power of belonging, self direction, collaboration and growth. Together, we will nurture these values and build a community that fosters professional development, well-being, and a strong sense of belonging.

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  • Equity & Engagement

    Our intention is to efficiently implement strategies that advocate for and adjudicate accessibility, inclusivity, safety and a welcoming environment for all employees. We’re optimizing resolution processes and functions to improve the employee experience and drive increased education and adoption of leading nondiscrimination and equity-based practices for measurable results and impact.

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  • Health, Wellbeing and Belonging

    Our intention is to measurably bolster health and well-being and cultivate belonging. We’re adopting and activating the framework for the Belonging Strategic Plan, guided by the Surgeon General’s Five Essentials for Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being. Belonging and Community Outreach play a crucial role in fostering a culture of inclusivity.

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  • People Experience

    Our intention is to improve the day-to-day experience of employees so they can do their best work. Modernizing Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: We're transforming our recruitment process by partnering with a leading global RPO and Talent Acquisition provider. This partnership will introduce cutting-edge technology, expertise and scale ensuring a seamless, top-quality experience for all candidates and hiring managers. Our team will contact you this week to discuss ongoing, pending or future recruitment needs and the improved services you can expect.


  • Futures Learning Hub

    Our intention is to reimagine employee learning and growth. We're transitioning from the traditional Employee Learning Engagement model to introduce the Futures Learning Hub—a blend of digital and physical spaces tailored for growth in professional, leadership, technical and compliance areas. This hub aligns with our university’s mission and departmental goals, using innovative and data-driven methods to enhance learning. Soon, you will have access to over 46,000 online courses covering a range of topics in 15 languages, designed to empower and engage our workforce anytime, anywhere.

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  • Strategy & Operations Innovation

    Our intention is to establish, maintain and consistently apply measurable practices, policies and standards focused on user-centric design principles. We’re enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing employee experiences through strategic process improvements to deliver innovative products, services and capabilities effectively, in alignment with divisional and university objectives.

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