About Us

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Who We Are

Our ethos at the Division of People, Culture and Belonging is rooted in our noble purpose to enrich the lives of every member of our Vanderbilt community. We strive to create an environment where individuals feel valued, understood and integral to our collective success. Our approach emphasizes authenticity, empathy and respect, fostering genuine connections and upholding high standards of professionalism and inclusivity. We aim for an overarching experience of empowerment, growth and belonging, recognizing that our roles go beyond being professionals.

As guardians of Vanderbilt's culture, we are proactive and innovative, creating an inclusive space where every voice is heard and every contribution is valued. We are dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community where everyone can find purpose, establishing an environment where individuals' well-being and development take center stage.


Our mission lies in the quest to bring out the best in humanity—pushing new ideas into the frontiers of discovery, challenging the limits of what’s possible and working diligently in the service of others.

We are a community dedicated to the lifelong realization of our potential.


  • Belonging

    You now belong to a selective community that fosters unity, celebrates differences and creates conditions for success.

  • Self Direction

    Choose your path, embrace discomfort, relentlessly explore, and give your all to prove doubters wrong.

  • Collaboration

    Work as one, challenging and supporting each other to achieve more and redefine what is possible.

  • Growth

    Embrace a growth mindset, continuously improve, compete with yourself and help others reach their potential.


Here's a snapshot:

  • Devised a short-term FY24 strategy outlining our key priorities for PCB's first 100 days.
  • Cemented our achievements and the impact we've made in 2023.
  • Reviewed our progress against the insights from the 2023 Staff Experience Survey currently focusing our efforts on effective communication, enhanced benefits and competitive compensation.
  • Long-term strategy