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Vanderbilt's International Partners

The 2013-2014 Academic Strategic Plan highlighted global initiatives as one of the cross-theme threads – critically important topics that cut across all aspects of the university and each of the strategic plan themes.  Over the coming year, Vanderbilt will review and evaluate how best to ensure that its international partnerships align with the goals of the strategic plan.

Among the many international institutions with which Vanderbilt has built strong relationships, the following partners have been particularly important over the past decade:


Guidelines for Establishing Partnerships

For information on establishing a memorandum of
understanding (MOU) with an international partner, please contact Global Support Services


School Strategic Partners

Each of Vanderbilt's schools is currently engaged in identifying additional institutional alliances of particular benefit to their respective faculties. For details, please contact the appropriate Dean's office.


Student Exchange Programs

Vanderbilt has several student exchange programs with university partners. Please contact the Global Education Office for further information about specifics & eligibility.