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CIEE Cape Town: Arts + Sciences

City of Many Colors, courtesy of Ben Scott

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University of Cape Town (CIEE)


Program terms: Fall, Full Academic Year, Spring
Restrictions: Vanderbilt applicants only
Type of Program: Direct University Enrollment
Costs: Budget Sheets
Academic Calendar: Extends into Summer Months
Key Dates:
Term Application Deadline Program Dates
Spring 2024 08/30/2023 To be determined

In this program, facilitated by CIEE, students enroll directly at the University of Cape Town, the most prestigious and top-ranking research univerity in Africa. Areas of study include Afrikaans, economics, political studies, and enviornmental and geographical sciences. Students are also encouraged to engage in community service projects. Cape Town sits near the southern tip of the Africa continent and boasts magnificent natural beauty with its beautiful beaches and hiking trails. The rich and complex history and vestiges of Apartheid along with the social activism provide rich learning opportunities outside of the classroom and challenge students for personal and professional growth. Students live either with a South African family, in a University of Cape Town residence hall, or in a shared apartment with other CIEE students.

For more information, visit program homepage.

Fact Sheet

Housing: Apartment (shared), Dormitory, Homestay
Minimum GPA: 3
Language of Instruction: English
Language prerequisite: No
Additional prerequisites: N/A
Costs: Budget Sheets
Student contacts: Peer alumni

Photo: City of Many Colors, courtesy of Ben Scott


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