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CASA Buenos Aires

San Telmo , courtesy of Christina Anne Helena Snider

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CASA Buenos Aires


Program terms: Fall, Full Academic Year, Spring
Restrictions: Vanderbilt applicants only
Type of Program: Study Center/University Hybrid
Costs: Budget Sheets
Academic Calendar: Extends into Summer Months
Key Dates:
Term Application Deadline Program Dates

This program provides undergraduate students the opportunity for full immersion in Argentine culture and the Spanish language in Buenos Aires, the sophisticated and cosmopolitan “Paris of South America”. After an extensive orientation, students take CASA's Pro-Seminar course as well as university courses with local Argentine students, completed at one or more of four top local universities: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Universidad de San Andrés, and Universidad Nacional de las Artes. Courses are available across a wide range of fields (sample courses linked here), and all courses are taught in Spanish. Students will be immersed in Spanish through daily interaction with their homestay family and their Argentine classmates, as well as beyond the classroom. The program includes day trips, cultural visits, and a longer excursions to Santiago, Chile.

Students wishing to enroll in CASA Buenos Aires must have completed SPAN 3303, or four or more other SPAN courses at the 3000-level. Applicants must have SPAN 3303 on their transcript in order to receive credit toward the Literature distribution of the Spanish major/minor. Students should be sure to check the external section of their Vanderbilt transcript to verify any transfer or AP credit on their record. Students should consult the Undergraduate Course Catalogue for details and limitations. Contact the GEO advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish with questions.

Special Immersive Opportunities

Opportunities for non-credit internships and volunteer work are available, and include community and grassroots organizations, cultural, health, and environmental institutions, and international agencies. Students also have the opportunity to undertake a research project focused on the topic of Historical Memory.

What is CASA?

CASA is a consortium of leading comprehensive research universities including Vanderbilt University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Pennsylvania. CASA focuses on offering rigorous, high-quality study abroad opportunities in select locations around the world.


For more information, visit program homepage.

Fact Sheet

Housing: Homestay
Minimum GPA: 3
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Language prerequisite: Yes
Additional prerequisites: N/A
Costs: Budget Sheets
Student contacts: Peer alumni

Photo: San Telmo , courtesy of Christina Anne Helena Snider


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