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Program Budget Sheets

CIEE Shanghai (all semester tracks)

Budget Sheet for Spring 2023

Total Estimated Cost to Study Abroad: $36,314

Cost to remain at Vanderbilt: $42,196

The estimated total cost includes all aspects of the study abroad experience. Tuition, housing, meals, airfare, visa fees, books/supplies, local transportation, and personal expenses are included in this estimate. These fees may be paid to Vanderbilt or to third parties; see the estimates for each of these categories below.

This program is estimated to cost $5,882 less than a semester on campus at Vanderbilt.

Fees Paid to Vanderbilt University

Students pay Vanderbilt tuition for each term abroad (read more). Fees paid to Vanderbilt University will be typically be billed according to the Office of Student Account's regular schedule for the term. Any Vanderbilt financial aid you normally receive will be automatically applied to your account, as it is when you are on campus (except for work study, which cannot be used abroad).

Tuition $29,065
Program Fee $3,134
Administrative Fee $285
Total Paid to Vanderbilt $32,484

Estimated Out of Pocket Costs

These are the fees GEO estimates you will pay to parties other than Vanderbilt. These may be paid to the program partner, to airlines, foreign governments, retailers, and/or other parties.

Meals $875
Housing $0
Visa/Residence Permit $0
Books/Supplies $25
Local Transportation $150
Personal Expenses $1,480
Airfare $1,300
Total Paid Out of Pocket $3,830

Key Details

Included in fees paid to Vanderbilt University: CIEE educational costs are covered by your Vanderbilt tuition payment. The Vanderbilt program fee covers CIEE's charges for housing and partial meal plan, visa fees, CIEE health insurance, and CIEE participation confirmation & application fees. The administrative fee covers Vanderbilt's mandatory international health insurance. Vanderbilt's Program Fee is subject to change and will always reflect the actual amount charged to us by our partners. This may result in additional credits or charges to your student account after the amount shown is billed. Please see the partner's currently published fees to check on the fees charged by the partner (start here).

Please note the following regarding the estimated out-of-pocket costs listed above:

  • Students who attend CIEE programs for the full academic year are expected to move out of CIEE housing during the break between the fall and spring semesters. Be sure to consider any potential costs you might incur because of this! Contact CIEE with questions.
  • The homestay option includes two meals per day, and the amount given here for meals reflects the anticipated cost of additional meals. If you choose the residence hall, expect to pay $1100 for meals.
  • Visa costs and requirements may vary depending on your nationality.
  • The estimate for personal expenses is based on the Vanderbilt campus Student Service Fees and Personal Costs estimates, with adjustments based on local cost of living, length of program, and exchange rates. This amount is expected to allow for entertainment and participation in cultural activities, but does not include extensive personal travel. Also included in GEO's personal expenses estimate is VU's standard estimate for maintaining health insurance in your home country in case of medical emergency.
  • Sites like can be useful for getting a sense of what common items and services cost in cities around the globe.
  • Students enrolling in the internship should budget an additional $500 for ground transportation.
  • Airfare costs are highly variable and influenced by a number of factors, so we recommend making your own estimates based on your personal travel plans.
  • There may be predeparture costs associated with health checks, vaccination, prescriptions, etc. These costs will vary individually.

In addition to the costs above, you should also maintain your health insurance coverage in your home country in case of medical emergency.