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Dockless Bike and Electric Scooter Share

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Metro Nashville established a one year pilot program allowing multiple dockless bike, electric bike (e-bike) and electric scooter (e-scooter) companies to operate on public rights of way in Nashvillle if they apply for and obtain a certificate of public necessity and convenience.

Vanderbilt University is aligning with the city and will allow bike, electric bike and electric scooter companies to operate on campus starting September 6, 2018, if the companies obtain a certificate through Metro’s program and agree to adhere to Vanderbilt guidelines. Vanderbilt recently completed a successful pilot program with the dockless bike share company ofo and remains committed to providing alternative modes of transportation and enhancing circulation on campus.


Bike and Electric Scooter Options

As bike, e-bike and e-scooter companies obtain certificates of public necessity and convenience through Metro’s program and sign an agreement with Vanderbilt, names and information on each company will be provided here so that interested users at Vanderbilt can access information in one place.

Bird Scooters


Call us: 1-866-205-2442



Lime Scooters


Call us: 1(888)-LIME-345



Spin Scooters

Use support button in app for issues and questions



Designated Shared Parking Areas

Parking Areas

  • The university is setting up preferred parking areas for dockless bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters in convenient locations across campus. The campus community is encouraged to use these spaces and park responsibly in order to keep campus accessible and safe for all.
  • Preferred parking areas will be designated with green paint and signage and are noted on the below map.
  • Additionally, if a preferred parking area is full, bicyclists are welcome to park bikes at university bike racks.
  • Please note: Bikes and scooters should not be parked in front of building entrances; in the middle of sidewalks, paths or driveways; or on accessible ramps. 

Parking area map for shared urban mobility devices

Etiquette, Safety & Resources

Rules of the Road

  • Bike, e-bike and e-scooter users must yield to pedestrians on campus and provide audible or hand signals when approaching and passing pedestrians.
  • Bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters should be walked in dismount zones noted on the above map, which include: the 21st Avenue pedestrian bridge, Rand wall, and Medical Center Plaza.
  • Bike, e-bike and e-scooter users must follow the rules of the road on campus and city streets, including stopping at stop lights and stop signs.
  • If e-scooter users plan to travel outside of campus, please keep in mind that e-scooters are prohibited from riding on the sidewalks and must ride on the streets in business districts such as the midtown and downtown areas.

Parking Etiquette

  • Park responsibly. Do not park in the middle of sidewalks, paths or driveways or in front of doorways or entryways to buildings.
  • Bikes and e-scooters should not be parked in front of accessible building entrances or on accessible ramps.
  • We encourage anyone who observes improper parking to report the issue to the bike or scooter company contacts mentioned above or Vanderbilt University Public Safety.

Electric Charging

  • The charging of e-scooters and e-bikes in any university building is prohibited.


  • Helmet use is encouraged.
  • For issues relating specifically to the bikes, e-bikes or e-scooters (such as maintenance, reporting issues such as illegal parking, etc.), please contact the specific company directly.
  • For safety issues or concerns, please contact Vanderbilt University Public Safety. For non-emergencies, call 615-322-2745; for emergencies, call 911, or from off campus call 615-421-1911.


  • For a map of bike lanes in the city, please click here.
  • For a map of bike lanes and greenways in the city, please click here.
  • For questions about the program, please contact


Dockless Educational Outreach Group

A dockless bike and electric scooter educational outreach group has been charged with bringing together students and administrators to work together to educate the community on best practices and problem solve any concerns. The group collaborated on an e-scooter safety video which features Vanderbilt students demonstrating how to responsibly use e-scooters on campus and created safety tip cards to distribute at residence halls and events. The group will continue to meet and discuss additional ways to educate the campus community on responsible use of bikes and e-scooters.


Contact for Bike and Scooter Companies

Vanderbilt has arranged a point of contact to work with dockless bike, e-bike and e-scooter companies. We ask companies to inquire at if they are a certificate holder in Metro’s program and are interested in operating their devices on the Vanderbilt campus.



Mar 22, 2018: Vanderbilt and ofo partner to bring dockless bike sharing to campus

Apr 25, 2018: Dockless bike-sharing pilot continues through summer; preferred pricing available for VU, VUMC

Aug 31, 2018: Vanderbilt to offer dockless bike and scooter options on campus

Feb 18, 2019: Safety remains top priority as electric scooter use increases

Apr 23, 2019: Learn to use electric scooters safely at free VU class April 27

Additional information on university mobility and transportation efforts can be found here.

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