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Broader Impact Statements

The Center for Science Outreach supports Vanderbilt faculty by helping them to develop, implement and evaluate broader impact activities, based on the NSF’s new evaluation criteria.

The NSF recently released a report highlighting some of the achievements from the past year. These broader impact activities range from increasing public awareness and improving societal well-being to discoveries which will transform the way we live.

While the Broader Impact Statement is specific to NSF’s guidelines, the CSO also offers support for non-NSF funding bodies who are looking to translate their research to the broader community.

Through various various programs, the CSO has linkages to many government and non-government agencies and a strong relationship with Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Below are links to CSO programs with opportunities for broader impact activities. Click the links to learn more about how you can collaborate with one of these programs:

School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt

Interdisciplinary Science and Research Program

Scientist in the Classroom Partnership

Engineering Ambassadors Network

For more information please call (615) 322-7140 or email Dr. Chris Vanags , Associate Director of the Center for Science Outreach