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Archived News - 2011

  • 11/11  - Public Misperceptions about TN Student Performance ( By Jason Grissom - According to the most recently available data, only about 35% of Tennessee's elementary and middle school students were "proficient" in math as measured by state grade-level standards.
  • 09/08/11 - Analysis: Time running out for a Reagan-style recovery ( By Alister Bull - "Based on past history, real income growth of just 0.7 percent in 2012 would be enough to give President Obama a 50-50 chance of reelection," said Larry Bartels, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.
  • 09/07/11 - Left behind in America: Who's to blame for the wealth divide?  By Brian Montopoli - [Larry] Bartels found that senators are "fairly responsive" to the preferences of those in the upper third of income distribution, less responsive to those in the middle third, and "not at all responsive to the preferences of constituents in the bottom third of the income distribution."
  • 08/09/11  - Political Science relocates to Ingram Commons (news, By Anne Marie Deer Owens - "We are so lucky to have this wonderful new space as it provides an ideal setting for our research and teaching," said John Geer, Distinguished Professor of Political Science and department chair.
  • 02/24/11 CSDI press release ( Anne E. Kornblut, White House correspondent for the Washington Post, spoke at the First Amendment Center on February 24th at 5pm at an event cosponsored by CSDI. Her talk, "Is America Ready to Elect a Woman President? Sarah Palin and the 2012 Presidential Election," was followed by a book signing and reception.
  • 02/06/11 - Economy, including jobs, Tennesseans No. 1 priority in inaugural Vanderbilt Poll ( By Ann Marie Deer Owens - "We plan to take periodic readings of the opinions of Tennessee citizens on key state and national issues, thereby informing the broader debates over public policy," John G. Geer, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, said. "In a democracy there is a critical need for elected officials to learn about the opinions of their constituents. We want to offer this information as a public service.