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Archived Multimedia-2008

  • 12/08 (Reuters TV) with David Lewis - Discussed is the speed and organization of President-elect Obama's transition.
  • 11/05/08 - Your Starting Lineup (Federal News Radio) with David E. Lewis - The election may be over, but the real work is just beginning. President-elect Obama's transition team will get to work as soon as today getting up to speed on every issue so that the President can take the reins on Inauguration Day. David Lewis, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, joins us to talk about who will be on the transition team.
  • 10/03/08   - If They Could See It Now: The Evolution of the American Presidency From the Founding Fathers to Present Day (Vanderbilt News) John Geer and David Lewis look at the executive branch of the American government as envisioned by the founding fathers and contrast it to the role the president plays today. 
  • 08/25/08 -  Campaign expert and political scientist John Geer speaks to students in the run-up to the Nov. presidential election (Vanderbilt News) The Vanderbilt community gathered for a special presentation from Distinguished Professor of Political Science John Geer Aug. 21. Dr. Geer, a nationally recognized scholar of presidential politics, spoke on the dynamic relationship of teaching and learning at Vanderbilt, through the lens of his perspective on Election 2008.

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