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Using Samba to Share Your CSB Home Directory to Linux, Mac, and Windows

Your home directory can be accessed via Samba (Windows file sharing service).  Fill out the form at to request access via Samba.  Use your VUnetID and ePassword (not your CSB password) to login.

Using Windows

Using File Explorer, map \\\{vuNetID}.  Login using your “STRUCTBIO\{VUnetID}” and your CSB password.

Using Linux

To use Konqueror, put smb://moby/{VUnetID} in the address bar and use your CSB username and password.

To mount your home directory to the local filesystem:

$ mount //{VUnetID} /path/to/mount/location -o username={VUnetID}

You will first be prompted to use your CSB password.

To umount use :

$ umount /path/to/mount/location

Note:  Mounting your home directory requires you to have sudo rights on your system.  Send email to if you need that set up.

Using Mac OSX

Press ‘Command + k’, or open Finder -> Go -> ‘Connect to server’. For the server address use


and your CSB password.  Click connect. The share should show up both in Finder and /Volumes (using the terminal).