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CSB Printer Setup


Using the New CampusPrint University Document Management System

CSB is implementing a new document management system called CampusPrint, which is centrally managed by VUIT. The CampusPrint Canon iR-ADV C5535i has replaced the Canon iR4035 in room 5140. Other existing printers that use the CSB CUPS printing system are not affected. To access CampusPrint from MacOS and Windows systems, a new printer driver must be installed. For Linux workstations, the CampusPrint printer is already installed and configured in the CSB CUPS printer system.

CampusPrint Features

  • Pay-per-use pricing model. Each user is associated with a COA/POET charge number. Contact Karen Davis to set up the charge numbers.
  • Secure printing using your Vanderbilt ID/Commodore Card.
  • Campus-wide access. Submit your job and print it at any CampusPrint-enabled device.
  • Energy-efficient machines stocked with environmentally-friendly FSC® certified paper.
  • Multi-function devices, combining copy, print (color/B&W), scan, and fax (most devices) in one machine.
  • Unlimited training and support for administrators and users.

Once you have submitted a job to CampusPrint:

  1. Go to any CampusPrint-enabled device. For locations click here.
  2. Swipe your VanderbiltID / Commodore Card or enter your VUnetID.
  3. Select the COA/POET number, if you have multiple charge numbers.
  4. Print your job.

Please contact us at or submit a trouble ticket to if you have any questions, issues, or concerns. To set up a personal device, contact Roy Hoffman at

Linux Installation

The CampusPrint printer is already installed and configured in the CSB CUPS printer system. No other configuration is necessary.

To print in an application:

  1. Click ‘Print’.
  2. Select the ‘CampusPrint_Global_Secure’ printer.
  3. Click ‘OK’.

Note: Currently, Pharos does not support multiple Linux print queues for color/B&W and single/double-sided.  Use the print dialog in your application to select the document attributes you want.

MacOS Installation

Note:  You will need to install the Mac OS Pop-Up driver if your Mac OS username is not the same as your VUnetID.  Click on the DMG file you downloaded and them double-click on ‘Popup.pkg’ to start the installer, which creates a printer named ‘CampusPrint_Global_POPUP’.  You will be prompted for your VUnetID and ePassword each time you print.

To install the regular Mac OS driver if your Mac OS username is the same as your VUnetID:

  1. Download the printer driver file.  Right click on the following link and select ‘Save Link As…’: C5253.ppd
  2. Open System Preferences.
  3. Click ‘+’ to add a new printer.  Click on the ‘IP’ tab and enter the following:

Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
Queue: CampusPrint_Global_SECURE
Name: CampusPrint
Location: 5140 MRB3
Use: Other

  1. Select the printer driver file that you downloaded in step 1.
  2. Click ‘Open’.
  3. Click ‘Add’.

Windows Installation

Note: You must install a Windows Pop-Up driver if your Windows computer is NOT joined to the VANDERBILT domain.  Click here for the Windows 7 / 10 driver.

If your Windows system is NOT connected to the VANDERBILT domain:

  1. Double click the Pop-Up driver you downloaded.
  2. You may see a Windows Defender pop-up alert, just click ‘Run anyway’.
  3. Select ‘Install’ when the package installer window appears.
  4. Click ‘Finish’ once the installer completes.
  5. The ‘Campus_Print_Global_PopupLegacy’ printer will now be available for printing from your Windows system.

If your Windows system is connected to the VANDERBILT domain:

  1. Open ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Click on ‘Devices and Printers’.
  3. Click ‘Add a Printer’.
  4. Click ‘Select a shared printer by name.
  5. Type ‘\\\CampusPrint_Global_SECURE’ in the text box.
  6. Click ‘Next’.
  7. Windows will download and install the driver.  Click ‘Next’.
  8. Optionally, select this to be the default printer.  Click ‘Finish’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I print from off-campus locations? Yes, if you are connected to the campus VPN using SecurePulse.
  2. What if I don’t have my Vanderbilt ID/Commodore Card with me?  You can enter your VUnetID and ePassword using the printer keyboard.
  3. I installed the Regular Pop-Up driver for Windows 10, but I’m not able to print.  I don’t get a pop-up window to enter my VUnetID and ePassword.  Install the Legacy Pop-Up driver instead and make sure to print to the Legacy printer.
  4. How do I check the status of my job or delete jobs without going to a printer?  You can view and delete your jobs at My Print Center.  DO NOT upload documents using My Print Center.  The billing is not set up correctly and you will be billed too much.  e.g. $0.25 per page for color instead of $0.14.
  5. What happens to print jobs I never actually print? Jobs are removed after 24 hours if they have not been printed.
  6. Can anyone else see or print my jobs? No, your jobs are secured by your Vanderbilt ID/Commodore Card.
  7. Can I print personal documents using CampusPrint? No, for personal printing use Vanderbilt’s pay-for-print service VUPrint.
  8. Can I print documents to the service using lp or lpr from the Linux command line? Yes, just as you would to other printers such as color, im, etc. You should see ‘CampusPrint_Global_SECURE’ as an available printer when you type ‘lpstat -a’. To print to CampusPrint, use ‘lp -d CampusPrint_Global_SECURE filename’ or ‘lpr -P CampusPrint_Global_SECURE filename’.
  9. Does a Mac OS system need to be joined to the VANDERBILT domain?  No, but the username on your Mac must be the same as your VUnetID.  If your Mac OS username is not the same as your VUnetID,  you will need to install the Mac OS Pop-Up driver.
  10. I installed the Mac OS driver.  Why don’t my jobs don’t show up in my print queue? . This happens when your Mac OS username isn’t the same as your VUnetID.  See #7 above.
  11. How do I print two-sided from Linux?  There are two Linux queues:  TBD
  12. Why don’t I see my VUnetID when I swipe my card?  The ID you see is assigned by the Pharos system and it’s never someone’s VUnetID.
  13. Why am I asked to enter a password after scanning my Vanderbilt ID/Commodore Card?  TBD
  14. On Mac OS, is there an easier way to switch between B&W and Color?  Create a color profile using the instructions here.
  15. Can I use my VUMC ID card to print?  No, but you can manually enter your VUnetID and ePassword.
  16. The pop-up driver doesn’t work for MacOS 10.15.0 (Catalina).  Upgrade to 10.15.1.
  17. How do I join my Windows 10 PC to the VANDERBILT domain and log in so that I can use the service?
  18. Can I print using email?  Yes, CampusPrint supports MobilePrint. From any device, including cellphones or tablets, users can forward an email with an attachment to (black and white) or (full color). A single copy of the attachment will appear in the user’s CampusPrint queue and can be released at any card reader-enabled CampusPrint device.

To join your PC to the Vanderbilt domain:

Note:  Your PC must first be registered in Active Directory. If not, create a CSB support ticket to have it added.

  1. Open ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘System’.
  2. Click ‘Change settings’ under ‘Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings’.
  3. Select the ‘Computer Name’ tab.
  4. Click ‘Change’.
  5. For ‘Computer name’ enter the hostname without the domain (e.g. ‘kestral’)
  6. Select ‘Domain’ under ‘Member of’ and enter ‘’.
  7. Click ‘OK’.

To log into the Vanderbilt domain:  Log in using the username ‘VANDERBILT\VUnetID” (substitute your actual VUnetID) and your ePassword.