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Mandi Mizner

Tennessee Army National Guard
M.S.N. Candidate, Class of 2021
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

“I am grateful for the chance to receive an excellent nursing education while also engaging the broader Vanderbilt community in such a positive way.”

mandi-miznerTell us about your military service. What did you do? Where did you serve? What do you value the most about your military service?

In my twelve years in the Tennessee Army National Guard, I had the flexibility to take on many roles. I began my Army career as a linguist, served as an assistant mobilization planner at our state’s Joint Force Headquarters, and later trained to become a helicopter pilot. I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Exposure to different personalities, cultures, and novel experiences are what I value most about my military service – I have become a more curious and open person because of it.

What are your thoughts on mentoring other students while at Vanderbilt? As a role model, what values do you want to share?

Having received some of the best leadership training available in the military, I look forward to discussing what I’ve learned with students. I also hope to share important life skills that I learned during deployments – how to live in the present moment and find a sense of peace during times of adversity.

While at Vanderbilt, what will be the focus of your studies and how do you plan to use this knowledge in your future career?

I am studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner at Vanderbilt. I hope to integrate my desire to serve the community and love of social work by providing healthcare to underserved and vulnerable populations.

What would you tell other veterans about the Bass Military Scholars Program?

The Bass Military Scholars Program allows you to study at a prestigious institution that welcomes veterans’ unique attributes. Your military experiences, skills, and sacrifices will be acknowledged and valued at Vanderbilt.