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Patriots. Scholars. Leaders.

Receive $25,000 per year to attend one of Vanderbilt’s five top-ranked schools.

In recognition of the patriotism, scholarship and leadership qualities and capabilities of veterans, Vanderbilt University launched the Bass Military Scholars Program in 2018 to provide scholarships of $25,000 per year to an annual cohort of highly talented veterans pursuing graduate and professional degrees across five Vanderbilt schools:

As a Bass Scholar, you will share your military experience in a range of campus service activities designed to foster military-civilian exchanges and expose the greater student body to military values, character, and mission focus. This highly competitive program values academic excellence, distinguished military service, and the potential to positively impact society after graduation.

Vanderbilt is just such an amazing institution and so if I could be a part of that name and be a part of that program, especially with the location, I thought it was just a knockout combo.

—Ken Barnes, Vanderbilt Bass Military Scholar


You are eligible if you are:

  • An honorably discharged United States military and Coast Guard veteran. *
  • An officer or enlisted service member or veteran (grades E-4 and above). *
  • An applicant to one of the Vanderbilt on-campus, graduate degree programs listed on our degree programs page.

*Candidates may apply while on transition leave and must be honorably discharged prior to the first class day at Vanderbilt University.