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Utilize Your Attendance Records

While your organization may be regularly tracking attendance at your events, it’s very likely that you are not taking full advantage of this feature. Check out 4 ways that attendance tracking can benefit your organization: 1. Secure AcFee Funds The Student Activity Fee Allocation Process (AcFee) now requires that organizations to use Anchor Link register…

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Approve New Members’ Requests

Anchor Link Users can request membership to your group. Follow the below steps to approve them and add members to your roster. New members can join by locating your organization on the campus site or through an invitation.  You must approve these new members before they are added to the organization’s roster. 1. From the…

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Remove a Member from your Roster

Update your member list on Anchor Link by removing members. Anchor Link allows members to leave organizations, but organizations can also remove members from their groups. Follow the steps below to update your membership.    1. From the Roster option on your organization’s page, click the “Manage Roster” near the top of the page. 2….

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Assign a Member to a Position

Display the officers of your organization and grant administrative access to the features of your group by utilizing positions in your membership roster! Assigning positions in Anchor Link has two benefits: 1. Anchor Link allows organizations to share administrative access to the organization’s pages. 2. Positions can be set to show publicly, letting other Anchor…

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Create or Edit Positions in your Organization

Create new positions in your organizations. Delegation is the key to any organization’s success. You can create new positions in Anchor Link and share administrative access to your organization’s page. Customize your organization’s positions in Anchor Link with the following steps:  1. From the Roster option on your organization’s page, click the “Manage Positions” link…

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Invite New Members to your Organization

Want to increase participation in your organization? Reach out and invite new members through Anchor Link! You can update the status of current members, whether removing them or promoting them into positions.  You can also invite other people on campus to become members of your organization. Accessing Organization Roster  1. From the organization’s home page,…

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Create an Election for Your Organization

While the tab may be called Elections, this function of Anchor Link can be utilized in a variety of ways including polls and surveys. Some examples of how the Elections feature can be used include holding officer elections, voting on a t-shirt design, selecting catering for a program, or getting feedback on what type of…

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Create Ballots for Your Election

You can create as many ballots as needed and each ballot can have only one or a series of questions. Each ballot can be accessible to the any Anchor Link user, only members of your organization’s roster, or only a specific population of users called an eligibility list (ex. members of an organization’s Executive Board,…

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Hide Organization Memberships

For every organization you are a part of and each leadership position you hold, you have the ability to decide whether you would like your name to be shown on the public roster for the organization. Some users may prefer to keep all of their memberships private. Others may elect to keep only specific memberships…

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