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Create Ballots for Your Election

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You can create as many ballots as needed and each ballot can have only one or a series of questions.

Each ballot can be accessible to the any Anchor Link user, only members of your organization’s roster, or only a specific population of users called an eligibility list (ex. members of an organization’s Executive Board, first year members of an organization).  A user will see only the ballots they are designated to see.

Only Anchor Link site administrators have the ability to create eligibility lists.  If you have specific voting needs for your organization and would like help creating eligibility lists for an election, fill out an Anchor Link Help Ticket via the link on your user homepage.

1. Once you have created an Election, make sure you are in the “Ballots” tab and click “Create Ballot”

 2. Enter the name of the ballot.

 3. If you have not worked with an administrator to create an Eligibility list, your election will default to “Enable” General Access.

  • General Access either means anyone on Anchor Link OR anyone on your membership roster, depending on what you selected when you created the election

4. Click “Save” when all access has been identified.

5. Click the format on the bottom of the page of the question you’d like to add to the ballot:

  • Check Box List: Includes question text and answer set, where multiple answers can be selected.
  • Radio Button List: Includes question text and answer set, where only one answer can be selected.
  • Instructions: Includes Question text with no answer set.
  • Ranking: Includes question text and answer set with ability to rank up to x number of items.
  • File Upload: Includes question text with ability to upload a file.

6. Type in text for the question and answer set, if applicable.  Click “OK”.

  • Text fields can be associated with an answer, e.g., Other (please specify), if needed.


Editing Ballot Questions:

 1. From the Ballot page, edits can be made to each question after they have been created.

2. There are several options once you click on a question to make edits.

  • Click and drag the arrow to move the question to a different position in the question order.
  • Change the page number and sequence number to move the question from one page to the next or after a certain question.
  • Click the trashcan symbol to delete the question entirely.
  • Click pencil symbol to make edits to the question text or answer options.

3. Once in the Edit box for a particular question, you are able to make any adjustments to the question as a whole.

  • Designate the minimum and maximum number of answer selections on the “Properties” tab.
  • Include a “Tooltip” for an answer choice on the “Answers” tab.  The Tooltip text will display when the user hovers over the answer choice.
  • Include “Additional Text” to be associated with an answer choice on the “Answers” tab.  The specific text will display in a pop-up window after the user click on an “I” icon.
  • Include a “Text Area” for an answer choice on the “Answers” tab.
  • Add additional answer choices on the “Answers” tab.
  • Reformat the size of the text box, either at the bottom of the “Properties” tab or on the “Answers” tab by adjusting the number of rows to the desired size.

4. Click “OK” when all edits have been made.

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