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Acfee Anchor Link Requirements

Organizations are now REQUIRED to input all Acfee funded events in Anchor Link and track attendance This information will be used in the Acfee allocation process going forward. If you want to maintain your funding or request an increase in your allocation, must make sure to use Anchor Link properly! Attendance can be tracked manually by…

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Register Your Organization

Click here for information on registering a new student organization. Click here for information on re-registering an existing student organization. If you have questions about registering your student organization, Acfee, or your organization’s center number,  please contact Courtney Salters at

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New Site Image Dimensions (Cover Photos, Events, Etc.)

The new interface of Anchor Link features photos in different dimensions than the previous site. All images from the old site have been carried over. However, these images may be distorted and may need to be updated or reformatted. To update your user profile picture, click on your name in the top toolbar then select “Settings”…

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Anchor Link Site Upgrades

We are excited to announce that a new version of the Anchor Link system has officially launched. The new web and mobile interface represents a more user friendly version of the previous site with substantially more modern look and feel. The main features of Anchor Link have all remained but locations of certain functionality are now…

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My Vanderbilt Experience

Are you looking for a new way to experience Vanderbilt? Do you want opportunities for intentional engagement outside of the classroom? My Vanderbilt Experience is a year-long program that provides students a virtual framework for co-curricular engagement. Managed through Anchor Link, My Vanderbilt Experience offers a menu of events and activities for students to participate…

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Make Applications Easy with Anchor Link

  Is your organization selecting new officers? While this process may be challenging, the application process should be simple. You can streamline the transition process for your organization by using Anchor Link forms rather than paper applications or e-mailing documents. Anchor Link’s platform will help you develop an easy-to-use, professional application that will be easy…

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Expand Your Reach!

Is your organization telling a story? Time and attention are valuable commodities. Anchor Link can be your marketing hub for sharing events to the Vanderbilt campus and Nashville community. From your organization’s Anchor Link home page, events, or news stories, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites. Utilize…

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Spotlight Your Organization with News

Student organizations at Vanderbilt are always trying to find the best way to create buzz about the work of their organization. Whether you want to your current members informed or engage other students on campus, the News feature on Anchor Link is a centralized location to share what is happening in your organization. Each time…

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The Action Center

The Action Center Access your personal Action Center by clicking on the grid and navigating to the Manage view. You will see a list of the organizations for which you are in a leadership role leader. From here, you can click the tile for an organization to manage events, the roster, forms, etc. You also have the ability to register a…

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Share from Anchor Link to Twitter!

Let Anchor Link streamline your PR and marketing! Share your posts from Anchor Link to Twitter! Anchor Link makes sharing to Social Media sites easy. Follow these steps to send out tweets from Anchor Link: 1. On your organization’s event, news, or home page, select Twitter in the list of social media options. 2. In…

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