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Affiliated Scholars Network

ISEE Bangladesh is a multi-disciplinary team of scholars studying the dynamics of social and environmental change in Bangladesh. As we have been doing this work and presenting at conferences, we have become aware of an array of scholars who are working on similar questions but who are not in intellectual community with each other.

Therefore, we are creating a list of Affiliated Scholars who are not working on our project but who are working on aspects of environmental change, community dynamics, community cohesion, economic dynamics, social justice and migration. Affiliated Scholars are working on some constellation of these topics in Bangladesh.

We know that we all have a range of conferences we attend and use various forms of social networking to stay in touch. (We recommend the South Asian Research Network on Facebook.) ISEE Affiliated Scholars are listed below. The purpose of being listed as an Affiliated Scholar is to facilitate people interested in this research learning about your work.

If you are actively working in this area of research, have or are in the process of obtaining your PhD, and you would like to be included in this network of Affiliated Scholars and listed on our website, please send a cv, 100-200 word biography, and a published article or, for those just beginning their research, a research prospectus to our project manager, Leslie Wallace Auerbach: Posting is subject to board approval.


Current Members

Bishawjit Mallick Website
Areas of Interest: Disaster Risk Analysis and Policy Planning (Vulnerability, Resilience, and Adaption)

Faisal Hossain Website
Areas of Interest: Sustainability of large scale water resources infrastructure; Human impact on local climate; Land surface hydrology; Hydroclimatic extremes; Space-borne hydrologic remote sensing;  Transboundary water resources management;  Engineering education;  Multi-media film-making for engineering documentaries.
Rising Tide A movie docu-fiction to convey a deeper meaning of research and technology