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Term Limits To Be Discussed at Friday Seminar



CSDI is excited to present 2013-14 CSDI Postdoctoral Fellow, Steven Rogers, as our CSDI weekly seminar speaker this Friday, April 18th. Rogers received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2013, where his dissertation addressed the extent to which elections serve as mechanisms for accountability in state legislatures. Next fall, he will be an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Saint Louis University. His research has appeared in Legislative Studies Quarterly, the American Journal for Political Science, and PS: Political Science and Politics. On Friday at 12:10 pm, Ingram Commons Room 349,  Rogers will discuss Term limits: Keeping Incumbents in Office. If you are interested in attending the seminar, please contact Ms. Jayne Cornwell

CSDI News and Announcements

4/16/14 Can the Republican Party thrive on white identity? is CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels latest post on the Washington Post Monkey Cage.  A working paper co-authored by Vanderbilt political science Assistant Professor Cecilia Mo is referenced in the piece which examines identity politics in a more diverse future America.  Read the full post here .

4/8/14 How money effects U.S. politics and policy are explored in CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartel's post Rich People Rule! in the Washington Post Monkey Cage. Read the full post here .

3/24/14 CSDI Policy Brief 2014-03 Released How does overlapping oversight by multiple committees influence the ability of the United States Congress to direct policymaking within the federal bureaucracy? This is precisely the question that is investigated in the latest CSDI policy brief that draws on CSDI Co-Directors Josh Clinton and David Lewis, and CSDI Graduate Affiliate Jennifer Selin , which explores whether the structure of contemporary congressional oversight might adversely affect the ability of Congress to control the bureaucracy. You can read the new brief here.

2/26/14 In America's War on Poverty, the free market is AWOL, CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels writes that while the gross domestic product has increased 75 percent since 1967, more than 40 percent of American's household incomes are no higher than they were forty years ago.  The notion that free enterprise would raise all the (proverbial) boats in the harbor, or distribute wealth to the Americans has just not come to pass, he concludes.  Read more of this post in the Washington Post Monkey Cage.



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CSDI Video: The Gettysburg Address Retrospective

seigenthalerJohn Seigenthaler's eloquent closing remarks were heard by a capacity crowd  at The Gettysburg Address: a 150-year retrospective, Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Joined by Pulitzer-prize winning author David Maraniss and four experts, panelists took an in-depth look at what the speech meant to audiences then and now.   Watch the event here. 




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