About Vanderbilt Temporary Services

Vanderbilt Temporary Services (VTS) is operated by Human Resources at Vanderbilt University. VTS was created to provide temporary employment for individuals across Vanderbilt.

VTS fills clerical, technical, finance, service, and other professional positions for departments throughout the University in need of help to cover work overload, sickness, vacation, staff vacancy or special projects.

VTS hires temporary employees on a part-time or full-time basis and for a period of up to six months. Our experienced and helpful staff provide the support you need.

VTS strives to attract a diverse temporary employee workforce, including:

  • Recently relocated individuals to the Greater Nashville Metropolitan Area
  • Recent college graduates
  • Established professional/technical professionals
  • Military Veterans
  • Retirees

Working as a temporary employee lets you showcase your talents, education, and skills while exploring the various jobs Vanderbilt offers and potentially find regular employment. College graduates, new comers to the area, and individuals looking for career advancement or changes are encouraged to apply.

VTS fills a wide variety of temporary positions at Vanderbilt University, including:

  • Accounting



    Computer Technicians

  • Data Entry

    Light Industrial Workers

    Maintenance / Service


  • Receptionists

    Research Assistants

    Seasonal Employment

Vanderbilt Temporary Services is committed to connecting a diverse group of people to our great institution, and to serving the Vanderbilt community at-large.