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Woman to Woman


Kirkland HallThe Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership

Vanderbilt University's Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership is dedicated to promoting conversations about issues of moral leadership in the professions. The program is motivated by two important convictions: First, that people who are trying to do good work in the world need opportunities to discuss and build their capacities for ethical leadership. Second, that many of our most significant social challenges require collaboration across professional boundaries.
Woman to Woman provides an opportunity for women to support and equip one another to become more effective agents of moral progress in our world.

411 21st Avenue South Nashville, TN 37240
Phone: 615.343.5447

 Scaritt-Bennett CenterScarritt-Bennett Center

Scarritt-Bennett is a non-profit education, retreat and conference center with a strong commitment to promoting racial equality, cross-cultural understanding, the empowerment of women and spiritual renewal. Aided by the rental of our historic facilities and donations, we are proud to offer programs that continue this mission.

1008 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212 

Phone: (615) 340-7500




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Woman to Woman is in full swing with our 2015–2016 year.  Register here. To stay in touch or inquire about future participation, please follow us on Facebook, or contact Michelle Bukowski for more information.