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Join us for THE DEATH PENALTY SYMPOSIUM next week on February 22-23!

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The mission of the Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions (CTP) is to 1) develop the ethical identities and leadership capacities of those serving in the professions, and 2) promote inter-professional collaboration in addressing social problems.

The CTP is motivated by two important convictions.

First, we hold that professionals are not just experts but are also custodians of our central social institutions, and need to take an active role in their development. We strive to foster a strong sense of vocation within Vanderbilt’s professional students, encouraging them to identify the purposes, values and standards that motivate their work. Our fellowship program includes students from Vanderbilt's divinity, education, law, management, medical and nursing schools. We also endeavor to educate working professionals within Nashville and beyond about moral intelligence, ethical commitments and leadership abilities.

Second, we maintain that many of the most significant social challenges require collaboration across the professions. Problems such as poverty, homelessness or health care are not the property of any one professional group. Effective solutions require partnering across professional divides. We provide a bridge by bringing professionals from a range of disciplines together to address such challenges.

Simply put, the CTP seeks to foster professional purpose and partnership.

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