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VPA Monthly Update - September 2019

If you would like to get more involved with the VPA, please email us at or specific members of our committees associated with advocacy, outreach, scholarly learning, social activities, communications, and diversity.

Postdoc Appreciation Week

Monday, Sep 19:  Building Stress Resilience, 12-1 pm  Please RSVP here.

Wednesday, Sep 18:  Professional Portraits for Postdocs, all day. You must reserve a time slot here.

Thursday, Sep 19:  Annual Postdoc Appreciation Picnic at Dragon Park, 5-7 pm. Please RSVP here.

VPA Happy Hour Social Mixer

The Postdoc Appreciation Picnic will take the place of Happy hour this month :).

The VPA Executive Board is Expanding 

The VPA Executive Board is expanding from 4 members to 10. There are 6 vacancies! Positions include: Secretary, Treasurer, Scholarly Learning Chair, Social Activities Chair, Postdoc Advocacy Chair, Communications Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair, Outreach Chair. If you’re interested in getting involved as an executive board member please let us know via email Stay tuned for email updates regarding bylaw amendments and upcoming elections.

***We need to modify our bylaws to expand the executive board. Please cast your vote for the VPA Bylaw Amendments here: =WWPJLRF9TX .  Details about Bylaw Amendments can be found at the survey link. Voting closes on at 5 pm on September 13, 2019.

Postdoc Writing Group 

Interested in joining a writing group for some camaraderie while writing? The idea is simple: you show up at the designated time with whatever you’re writing, you sit down, and you write!

Join the #writing_group on the VPA Slack Channel


VPA Committees

There are many appointed positions in the VPA committees: Communications, Diversity, Scholarly Learning, Social Events, and Advocacy. Committees are a great way to become active in the VPA and the postdoctoral community and really strengthen your CV highlighting those transferrable skills! If you want to become active in the VPA and join a committee, contact us at postdoc(at)


Ongoing Events

For a complete list of this year's postdoctoral events through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, click here!

ASPIRE Café for Postdoctoral Fellows


Online and Social Media  

Join us on the  VPA Slack Channel  to meet and connect with other postdocs: Events! Advice! All-around-fun! Community!