Stipends & Salaries

Minimum Salary and Stipend Levels

In December 2016, a minimum salary and stipend level for all full-time postdocs was established by Vanderbilt and based on the NIH NRSA stipend recommendations. Annually, when the NIH NRSA stipend recommendations are updated, Vanderbilt’s minimum salary and stipend level for all full-time postdocs are similarly updated. Given the release on February 3, 2023 of the FY 2023 NIH Stipend Levels, the minimum payment at Vanderbilt has been increased as detailed in the table below. This minimum payment is regardless of job classification (fellow or trainee) and funding mechanism (salary or stipend).

Upon reappointment, all postdocs appointed by the OPA should be offered at least the current NIH NRSA scale below based on their years of postdoctoral experience. There is no set maximum allowable compensation. A postdoctoral salary/stipend may be supplemented at the request of the faculty mentor/principal investigator and approved by the respective dean of the postdoc’s home department.

Salary and stipend levels are set for full-time postdoctoral employment. Activities are determined by the department/program. Requests to reduce from 100% FTE must be approved by the faculty advisor, dean of the school/college, and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Stipend Levels for Postdoctoral Trainees & Fellows on NIH NRSA

Years of ExperienceStipend for FY 2021Stipend for FY 2022Stipend for FY 2023Monthly Stipend for FY 2023

Additional information can be found at NIH FY 2023 Stipend Levels, NOT-OD-23-076.