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USAC Executive Committees

The Executive Committee includes current and past officers of the council, and chairs of standing council committees, and serves as a planning committee.

There are six standing council committees as described below. Ad hoc committees will be formed as needed. Ad hoc committees may become permanent, standing committees after being in place for one year, and receiving approval from the Council.

The Communication Committee is responsible for communication among USAC's membership; facilitating communication with respective constituencies; maintaining the USAC list serv; and serving as the council's liaison with the Division of Public Affairs and other university advisory groups.

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee aims to promote and develop a culture of collaboration and inclusion at Vanderbilt University, which supports the success and affirmation of all Vanderbilt professional and support staff. Issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion include, but are not limited too: race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, and disability.

The Events Coordination Committee is responsible for coordinating volunteers when requests are made for USAC participation; facilitating council-sponsored activities such as blood drives, etc.; arranging for meeting spaces for the monthly USAC and USAC Executive Committee meetings, including refreshments, the duplication of materials when necessary, and arranging for technical support; and the transition from council president to council president each year.

The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining the council's membership roster; maintaining contact with representatives with regard to membership obligations; reviewing the composition of the council's groups and notifying the president when reapportionment is needed; working with the USAC officers to facilitate reapportionment when necessary; maintaining the current list of standing committee chairs and members as well as an archive of these lists; and working with the vice president/president-elect in facilitating membership elections.

The Rules and Administration Committee is responsible for the maintenance and review of the bylaws; recommending to the president when a revision and/or amendment to the bylaws is appropriate; serving in council matters as the official arbiters of the meaning of the bylaws; and acting as procedural arbitrators, following basic principles of Robert's Rules of Order during council meetings.

The Staff Life Committee is responsible for investigating issues of staff concern through such means as surveying the membership; researching issues of staff concern; prioritizing the issues of staff concern; and recommending for the council's consideration a specific course of action when appropriate.

2021-2022 Committee Chairs



Current Committee Chairs

Basic Science Administration Pod 2
Graduate Education
Student Accountability
Technology Transfer
Law: Business Affairs
Arts and Science: Office of the Dean
Facilities: Business Affairs
Research: Office of the Vice Provost
Health Sciences Education: Office of the Dean
IT Client Success
Peabody Library
CAE: Office of the Vice Provost
Scholarly Resources
Undergraduate Admissions