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Are you looking for an outlet to use your communication and leadership skills to benefit others?

If you answered 'yes', the University Staff Advisory Council wants you! Never miss the opportunity to take an interest in what others are thinking and doing.

Members of the council — Please do not hesitate to nominate yourself or a coworker to run for election.

What is USAC?
We are an advisory group to administration and staff on issues, policies, and practices that affect the University and those served by the Council (staff members in non-union University Central positions).

USAC provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Shape the future of Vanderbilt
  • Stay informed about the issues affecting plans for the future of Vanderbilt
  • Learn more about the inner workings of Vanderbilt
  • Develop or hone communication and leadership skills to the benefit of others
  • Network with colleagues
  • Meet new friends

As a USAC representative your responsibilities would include:

  • Attending USAC monthly meetings (second Tuesday of the month from 8:30 - 10 a.m.) and disseminating information to your constituents.
  • Voting on USAC resolutions and recommendations based on the desires of your constituents.
  • Serving on a USAC standing committee of your interest (Staff Life; Events Coordination; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Communication; Rules and Administration; or Membership)

You can make a difference in helping to shape Vanderbilt's future!
Submit your name as a candidate to run for election to become a USAC representative or nominate an enthusiastic co-worker. All nominees will be contacted to verify his/her interest in running for election to USAC.