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What USAC Means

"USAC means to me an opportunity to come together as a group to speak freely and discuss problems/issues experienced in the work place at Vanderbilt as well as an environment to participate as a voice of a coworker to express their concerns and perhaps assisting in a plan for resolution with help and research of all other council members."

-- Elaine Hayes

"USAC has been and is a remarkable experience for me. It offers an opportunity to network with other departments and an abundant learning opportunity regarding events and activities affecting employees at Vanderbilt."

-- Faye Johnson (Law)

"For me it is important to be part of something that is truly bigger than myself. Working on Staff Council (USAC) gives me an opportunity to be plugged into many areas at Vanderbilt that I just don’t know or hear about during my workday. It makes me a more effective communicator and a more useful Vanderbilt employee. The rest is up to me."

-- Eric Jones

"USAC means to me
• A better U nderstanding of the university by having speakers such as Chancellor Zeppos, Jerry Fife, and others
• Great S atisfaction from working at an institution such as Vanderbilt
A llowed to be a voice for our constituents
C omradoree with other people while making lasting relationships campus wide."

-- Michele Dixon,  Office of Contract and Grant Accounting

U nderstanding - polices formation through suggestions and advice.
S atisfying - assure polices free from doubt or question.
A dvising - counsel problem usage through polices and other sources on the Vanderbilt campus.
C larifying - clear polices of confusion and communicates effectively.

-- Ava Wilson

“USAC is a great way to get involved with the Vanderbilt community. It creates a wonderful environment for networking and connecting with other staff members.”

-- Laura Crowell, former USAC member


Next Meeting

Date: March 13th, 2018  (Tuesday)
Location: Student Life Center, Board of Trust Room
Time: 8:30am to 10:00am

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