WATCH: “Afghanistan in Crisis” featuring suggested reading, ways to help

Thank you for engaging with Vanderbilt University to discuss the crises in Afghanistan. This event originally broadcast in August 2021.


Here are a few ways you can support and aid incoming Afghan families and refugees, as well as veterans and their families:

“Have a conversation with friends and family about the past 20 years in Afghanistan and what has been done in our name as U.S. citizens. Talking about the issues facing our nation is important for the functionality of our democracy.” — Samar Ali

“And finally, reach out to veterans in your family – your cousins, daughters, fathers and friends – and community to thank them for their service, to let them know that their service in Afghanistan is important and that you value them.” — Mike Newton

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Lt. Gen. Scott A. Howell:

Tom Schwartz:

Samar Ali: 

Mike Newton:



With an introduction from Chancellor Daniel Diermeier, the virtual panel broadcast live on Aug. 26, 2021, featuring:

  • Samar Ali, Vanderbilt research professor of political science and law, Muslim-American expert in international conflict resolution and co-chair of the Vanderbilt Project on Unity and American Democracy. TWITTER
  • Lieutenant General Scott A. Howell, USAF, Ret., the 15th Commander of Joint Special Operations Command and vice commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command
  • Michael Newton, Vanderbilt professor of the practice of law and the practice of political science, expert on terrorism, accountability, transnational justice and conduct of hostilities issues; and
  • Tom Schwartz, Distinguished Professor of History, professor of political science and European studies, historian who looks at foreign policy in context of impact on U.S. government, American politics

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