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Posted by on Thursday, December 3, 2015 in email.

Showing appreciation for loved ones is on everyone’s mind as we head into February, so don’t forget to love the earth, too! There are many ways to turn your valentine’s day from green to red: think about sending an e-valentine or make your own from recycled materials, invest in potted plants or trees instead of fresh cut flowers which die within a few days, choose a local Nashville restaurant for your special dinner, and consider baking your own treats instead of buying chocolates (or buy locally made chocolates like Olive and Sinclair – delicious!). There are plenty of ways to show your love to the earth this month including a tree planting and many lectures and workshops! Don’t forget that Greenest Group on Campus applications are due February 2nd! Additional information about the stories and events included in this newsletter are available on the SustainVU website and Facebook page. SustainVU wishes you a lovely and green Valentine’s Day!

Andrea George, Director

Sustainability and Environmental Management Office
Vanderbilt University (615) 322-4551 | e-mail | Web site

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