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David S. Kosson, PI, School of Engineering
Claire Smrekar, Co-PI, Peabody College

Sterling Ranch from above

Sterling Ranch is a new community being developed with a vision to be at the leading edge sustainability and quality of life.

Located south of Denver, Colorado on 3,400 acres, Sterling Ranch will over the next 2 decades include approximate 12,000 homes and 45,000 residents

Sterling Ranch sustainability innovations are in energy, water, education and quality of life.

3,400 acres, 12,050 homes, 45,000 residents, construction initiated in 2015

  • Energy and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Education Ecosystem
  • Sustainability and Environmental Quality
  • Future – Health, Security, Mobility, Archeology
  • Research
  • Design Projects & Honors Projects
  • Immersive Spring Break
  • Internships

Innovation in Sustainability

Research at Sterling RanchEnabled by unprecedented commitment along with technology development, data acquisition and feedback.



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Vanderbilt Week at Sterling Ranch – January 2017

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