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International Student Month

What is International Student Month?

International Student Month (ISM) is the official celebration honoring and appreciating the history, cultural diversity, and unique contributions of international students at Vanderbilt. Throughout the month of March, the Student Center for Social Justice & Identity (SCSJI), the International Students & Scholar Services (ISSS), the Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC), and the International Student Council curate intentional programs designed to foster and build community within the international student community, educate the non-international community about the lived experiences of international students, and celebrate the various cultures that make up the international student community at Vanderbilt.


As we celebrate the first International Student Month at Vanderbilt from March 10th – 31st, the theme is A Global Adventure, which signifies the various adventures that exist within the international student experience.


See the calendar of events below for more details about upcoming events in the month!