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Program Overview:  

iDialogues is an 10-week educational series that creates an opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in intergroup dialogue through the lens of social group identity, power dynamics, conflict, and community. For over six years, this in-person program was designed for students to develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of how to become agents of social change in the context of both Vanderbilt and its surrounding communities.  

While still incorporating social justice education, the iDialogues curriculum has been re-imagined to increase elements of intercultural competence. Students who participate in the iDialogues program will be able to better understand how their cultural identities influence personal experiences. Students will be able to synthesize skills through interactive and reflective activities that to communicate across differences. 

Applications will be open August 15, 2022 on AnchorLink! The deadline has been extended!  Apply by September 7th!

Apply Now!


Applications for the iDialogues Program will open Monday, August 15th, 2022 and close Wednesday, September 7, 2022 via AnchorLink. 


  1. Be in good standing with Vanderbilt University.  
  2. Be a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours/semester). 
  3. Follow university-affiliated updated COVID-19 guidelines.  
  4. Be willing to lean into your learning edges as we discuss topics rooted in intercultural competency and social justice education (e.g., power and privilege, effective communication, and socialization). 
  5. Must complete the iDialogues application by the indicated deadline. 
  6. Able to attend the iDialogues Retreat on Sunday, September 11th from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  
  7. Able to attend the iDialogues sessions each Thursday from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (9/15/22 – 12/01/22). 

The Student Center for Social Justice and Identity (SCSJI) reserves the right to accept or deny applications for the iDialogues program. If you have any questions, please reach out to  

Session Descriptions

This session will focus on the ways in which you have been socialized and the impact of socialization. Students will set their own guidelines and comfort levels and explore the power of socialization.

This session will focus on how prejudices and social inequality are socially constructed over long periods of time. Students will discuss how they are taught about identity throughout their lifetimes and how historical events continue play a role in the perpetuation of inequality in the present.

This session will focus on how prejudices and social inequality are socially constructed over long periods of time. Students will explore different acts of oppression and its connection to social identities.

This session will introduce students to the foundations of intercultural competency. Students will reflect on their culture and utilize it to understand others with similar or different experiences. 

This session will encourage students to apply their understanding of socialization and intercultural competence. Students will utilize these concepts to identify the importance of cultural humility.

This session focuses on synthesizing communication skills. Students will utilize aspects of intercultural competency in order to gain a better understanding of the importance of intentional conversation. 

This session will focus on the different conflict styles. Students will gain a better understanding on the navigating conflict and their individual conflict style.

This session will focus on exploring trigger responses and the trigger cycle. Students will gain a better understanding of dialogue tools to navigate difficult conversations.

This session will culminate the previous weeks tools and skills. Students will apply cultural competency skills to challenge dialogue.

Photovoice uses ethical photography to promote positive social change. Photovoice is a creative opportunity to raise awareness and foster social change through storytelling. Throughout the program, students will be guided to create a PhotoVoice capstone project. More details to be shared during the retreat and program.