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Minor Requirements (revised Spring 2020)

The minor in Scientific Computing requires 15 credit hours, distributed as follows:

1. Computer Science CS1104 (strongly recommended) or CS 1101. (3 hours)

2. Computer Science CS 2204 (strongly recommended) or CS 2201. (3 hours)

3. Elective courses (9 hours). Three hours must come from elective list A. Mathematical, Quantitative, and Data Science Methods; three hours must come from elective list B. Computational, Simulation, and Modeling Methods; and three hours can come from either course list A or B, or from independent study (SC 3850/3851) with a faculty member affiliated with the SC minor.

A. Mathematical, Quantitative, and Data Science Methods

SC 3250   Scientific Computing Toolbox
ANTH 3261   Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
BMIF 6310   Foundations of Bioinformatics
BMIF 7380   Data Privacy in Biomedicine
BSCI 3272   Genome Science
BME 3200   Analysis of Biomedical Data
CE 4320   Data Analytics for Engineers
CS 3262   Applied Machine Learning
DS 3262   Applied Machine Learning
ECON 3032   Applied Econometrics
ECON 3035   Econometric Methods
ECON 3750   Econometrics for Big Data
EECE 6358   Quantitative Medical Image Analysis
HOD 3200   Introduction to Data Science
MATH 3620   Introduction to Numerical Mathematics
MATH 3670   Mathematical Data Science
MATH 4600   Numerical Analysis
MATH 4620   Linear Optimization
MATH 4630   Nonlinear Optimization

B. Computational, Simulation, and Modeling Methods

SC 3250   Scientific Computing Toolbox
SC 3260   High Performance Computing
ASTR 3600   Stellar Astrophysics
ASTR 3700   Galactic Astrophysics
ASTR 3800   Structure Formation in the Universe
BME 4310   Modeling Living Systems for Therapeutic Bioengineering
BME 7310   Advanced Computational Modeling and Analysis in Biomedical Engineering Quantitative
BME 7410   Methods in Biomedical Engineering
CHBE 4830   Molecular Simulation
CHEM 5410   Molecular Modeling Methods
CHEM 5420   Computational Structural Biochemistry
CS 3274   Modeling and Simulation
EES 4760   Agent and Individual Based Computational Modeling
MATH 3630   Mathematical Modeling in Biology
MATH 3660   Mathematical Modeling in Economics
ME 4263   Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multiphysics Modeling
ME 4275   Finite Element Analysis
NSC 3270   Computational Neuroscience
PHYS 3200   Statistical Physics
PHYS 3790   Computational Physics
PSY 4218   Computational Cognitive Modeling
PSY 4219   Scientific Computing for Psychological and Brain Sciences
PSY 4775   Models of Human Memory

Note that many of the subject area electives are advanced courses within a discipline. While some of these courses are only appropriate for majors or minors in those disciplines, many courses are perfectly appropriate for students in Scientific Computing. If uncertain, ask the course instructor before enrolling.

See Courses in Scientific Computing for a detailed description of all courses associated with the minor.

On YES, to select all courses approved for credit in the Scientific Computing minor, select the “Advanced” link next to the search box, select the “Class Attributes” drop-down box on the bottom right of the advanced search page, and then select “Eligible for Scientific Computing” to find all courses.