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Minor Requirements

Note on SC3250: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the required core course SC3250 Scientific Computing Toolbox during the Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 academic year. Students intending to graduate in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 with a minor in Scientific Computing will need to take an approved course from the list of elective courses to substitute for SC3250 (if they have not taken SC3250 already). Students in the School of Engineering will need to obtain approval for that alternate course first from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in their home department and then from Professor Bodenheimer (co-Director of Scientific Computing, Department of Computer Science). Students outside of the School of Engineering (A&S, Peabody, Blair) will need to obtain approval for that alternative course from one of the other co-Directors of Scientific Computing, Professor Weintraub (Department of Physics and Astronomy) or Professor Palmeri (Department of Psychology).

The minor in Scientific Computing requires 15 credit hours, distributed as follows:

1. Computer Science  CS1104 (strongly recommended) or CS 1101. (3 hours)

2. Computer Science CS 2204 (strongly recommended) or CS 2201. (3 hours)

3. Scientific Computing SC 3250. (3 hours) See Note Above

4. 6 hours of electives. Electives include courses in the Scientific Computing (SC) minor, courses approved for SC credit that are in another subject area, courses that meet the approval of a Director of the SC minor, and directed or independent study with a faculty member affiliated with the SC minor.

Many of the subject area electives are advanced 2000-level, and even some 3000-level, courses within a core discipline. While some of these courses are only appropriate for majors or minors in those disciplines, many courses are perfectly appropriate for students who have taken the core courses in Scientific Computing plus one or two introductory courses in that discipline. If uncertain, ask the course instructor before enrolling.

See Courses in Scientific Computing for a list of all courses associated with the minor.

On YES, to select all courses approved for credit in the Scientific Computing minor, select the “Advanced” link next to the search box, select the “Class Attributes” drop-down box on the bottom right of the advanced search page, and then select “Eligible for Scientific Computing” to find all courses.