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Email Lists

We have set up email lists for students and faculty to keep everyone informed about the program in Scientific Computing at Vanderbilt.

Email List for Students

You can add yourself to using the following procedure: 
(1) connect to
(2) log in with your vunet id and password
(3) select “Subscriber’s Corner” from the menu near the top of the page
(4) search for sc-students in the “Search for List” box, making sure you select “Show All Lists”
(5) click the check box, select “subscribe” from the option menu right below that, and click Submit in the lower right corner of the page
(6) wait for an email from the listserv
(7) click the link on the email the listserv sent you, as directed
That should get you added to the sc-students email list. From you can also remove yourself from the sc-students email list as well.

Email List for Faculty

Faculty at Vanderbilt can be added to the email list by emailing a request to one of the co-Directors. The email list will only be used occasionally to send out faculty-specific information related to the minor.