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Protection of Minors Online Training Instructions

Protection of Minors Training Compliance

POM Annual Renewal Training for 2023-2024 is now available Oracle Learning. 

Note: All Protection of Minors training courses are in Oracle Learning and available to those with a VUNET ID. 

Q1. How do I complete the initial Protection of Minors 101 training?

Q2. How do I complete Annual Renewal training for POM?

Q3. I'm a Vanderbilt Student and was notified I need to take Protection of Minors training; where can I find more information?

Q4. How do I access my training completion transcript or certificate?

Q5. I don't have or can't access Oracle Learning and need to complete another version of training. 


Q1. Initial training To meet the policy compliance requirement for training, prior to interaction with minors in Vanderbilt programs and operations, all staff, faculty, students, and others with VUNET ID access must complete the  Oracle Learning "Protection of Minors 101" training module. To access this training, (1) Log in to Oracle Learning using your VUNET ID and password, then select the "Learning" Icon (Tile with a white triangle in a circle) and search for the training in the search box by typing "Protection of Minors." (2) After locating Protection of Minors 101, review the course information and select "start learning" to begin the module. Please allow 30 minutes for completion.

Completion of the initial  Protection of Minors 101  course will meet both training and policy compliance requirements for those working or interacting with minors in Vanderbilt programs. Policy agreement is incorporated into the module electronically. After completion, you will receive a confirmation email and can also view your completion in the "View Transcript" section.  If you take a break, resume by returning to the "My Current Learning" section later.  

Q2.  Annual training renewal If you continue interaction with minors in Vanderbilt programs and operations, you will need to annually renew your training compliance for the Protection of Minors not later than 365 days after completion of the POM 101 module. To do this, navigate to Oracle Learning, and select the "Learning" icon on the menu page (tile with a white triangle in a circle) in the search box, type "Protection of Minors Annual Renewal,"  select the POM Annual Renewal course, "start learning," and complete. 

Please note - reviewing the  Protection of Minors 101  course material will  not  update your original course completion date and cannot be used for Annual Renewal Compliance. Protection of Minors Renewal training will be launched annually on July 1st. 

Q3.  I'm a Vanderbilt Student and was notified I need to take Protection of Minors training; where can I find more information? The training instructions above apply to all personnel seeking compliance. Select this link to find out more about student compliance requirements. Compliance for POM training applies across all University programs. Once complete, this portion of compliance is complete for student organization participation, student employment work with minors, academic interaction with minors, etc. Student compliance for the academic year is valid after July 1 annually. Incoming first year students who complete the EverFi "Protecting Youth" module will be in compliance for POM training but if hired for employment, may be assigned the POM101 module in Oracle Learning by their supervisor if working with youth. 

Q4.  Accessing your training transcript or certificate and past completed training: 

  1. Log into Oracle, Select the "Learning" tile 
  2. Select "View Transcript" 
  3. A list of available course completions will be visible. 
  4. Select the completed POM course you wish to view.
  5. When on the course completion page, select the “Actions” tile in the grey bar at the top right of the page. You will then get a dropdown with options, select “Print Certificate.”  
  6. You will get a new page with your certificate that can be downloaded, share via screen shot, or printed.
  7. Learners may also check individual POM Compliance status at this link.
  8. If you are unable to view the information needed, please contact .  

Q5.  Alternate training for those  without current Oracle Learning log-in capacity and  for third party groups : Instructions for alternate training access is available by contacting the Office of Risk and Insurance Management. Instructions will be provided after confirmation that affected personnel do not/will not have access to the Oracle Learning training. For volunteers, other non-employee, or  non-VU students interacting with minors in VU programs, managers can work with their HCM specialist to add these personnel to Oracle for training access.      

Other alternate training (including classroom training in the POM 101 module content) may be approved by the Protection of Minors Director. Please send requests for approval to Any training in addition to the online module is at the discretion of the program coordinator and does not require prior approval by the Protection of Minors Director.

Background Clearance Compliance

Background clearance for personnel in approved programs for minors is required every four years. Recheck compliance (with the exception of Peabody students) is completed by the Office of Human Resources. Frequent questions about background clearance are below:

Q1: I received an email about completing a background clearance that looks like spam - how do I know it is legitimate?

Q2: I completed a backround clearance but the POM Web Application/Personal Complinace Page is not updated; what should I do? 

If you recently completed the clearance, it can take up to two weeks for it to be reflected in the POM Web Application and is viewable when your Oracle person record is updated and loaded. You or your program leader can reach out to HR or the department who completed the clearance to verify the record was loaded. 

Q3: I'm a VU student and need to complete a backround clearance for my service in a Registered Student Organization; how do I get this completed?

Reach out to the Office of Student Accountability or your Adviser for steps. 

Q4: How do I know if I have a background clearance on file with the protection of minors system?

Any person with a VUNet ID can use the Personal Complinace log in to view their background and training record status in the POM Web Application. Check individual POM Compliance status at this link .

Q5: It's been four years since my clearance, but I have not received information on completing a recheck, what should I do?

If you are listed in an active personnel roster of an Approved program, on or about three months prior to expiration, a recheck will be initiated and you will receive an email from the university's clearance vendor with instructions to complete.