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The Commons Cup

Community, Unity, Partnership: Claim the Cup

Commons Cup“The Commons Cup furthers each house’s sense of community and gives residents another opportunity to bond through friendly competition among houses.”
-Cameron Richey, ’21, Memorial House PR Chair

The Commons Cup is a first-year tradition intended to promote social and academic acculturation to Vanderbilt University and integration of each first-year class through house competition and Commons-wide community engagement.

The Commons Cup consists of five categories: Academics, Athletics, Community Involvement, Service, and Sustainability. Students participate throughout the academic year to earn points within each category for their respective houses while utilizing these opportunities to build relationships and forge lasting memories within each class of undergraduates.

The Commons Cup is awarded to the house that obtains the most cumulative points throughout the course of the academic year (September through March) based on the five categories of the competition. Each category is worth 20% of the total number of possible points.

The House Programming Advisory Council is charged with overseeing participation of the house in The Commons Cup competition, and will be trained, report to, and collaborate with one another through the Commons Leadership Council.


At the core of the Vanderbilt experience is academics. In this category, Commons residents can explore their intellectual similarities and differences while learning with and from one another.
  • Fall Trivia
  • Spring Trivia


Physical fitness is a core component of personal well-being. In this category, Commons residents are given the opportunity to develop their skills in teamwork and problem-solving through friendly tournaments.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
  • Kickball Tournament
  • Indoor Recreational Sports Tournament
  • Volleyball Tournament

Community Involvement

Essential to community building is active participation in the house and Commons communities. Community Involvement measures student engagement in these areas.
  • Commons Cup Kickoff Event
  • Fan Support (academic and athletic)
  • Special Signature Event


Part of becoming a global citizen requires an appreciation for and service to our local community. In this category, Commons residents work to build community partnerships and give back to Nashville.
  • All-Commons Service Project
  • Penny War Competition
  • Service Week


With an emphasis on environmental conservation, this category encourages Commons residents to consider their environmental footprint and to take steps to reduce the negative impact we, as a community, have on the earth.
  • Yearlong Energy Conservation
  • Commons “Unplugged” Week

With questions about The Commons Cup, please contact Program Coordinator Jade Wong.