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Suggested Undergraduate Courses

Courses Vanderbilt very strongly recommends:

Philosophy 1003, General Logic

Philosophy 3003, Formal Logic and its Applications

PSCI 1100 Introduction to American Government and/or PSCI 1103 Justice

PSCI 3260 Introduction to American Law (offered every other year and every Maymester on campus)

PSCI 2265 Constitutional Law: Powers and Structure of Government (offered every other year)

(Students who take these Logic courses have a better grasp on the two Logical Reasoning sections of the LSAT examination.  The American Law course is colloquially referred to as 1L boot camp and should be taken if at all possible; and the Constitutional Law course covers the same material one learns in the Constitutional Law course required at most law schools.) 

Courses Vanderbilt strongly recommends:

Communication Studies 1500, Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Communications Studies 2100, Argumentation and Debate

English 1230W Literature and Analytical Thinking

English 3734/3734W Literature and Law

History 3170 The Federalist Papers

Managerial Studies 3105 Negotiation

Philosophy 3610/3610W Ethics and Law

Philosophy 3623 Modern Philosophies of Law

Political Science 2208 Law Politics and Justice

Political Science 2266 Constitutional Law: Liberties and Rights

Sociology 3605 Law and Social Movements

Sociology 3612 Law and Society

Sociology 3621 Criminology

Sociology 3624 Prison Life

Any other course that interests and challenges you!