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The Karbstein lab in the Department of Biochemistry at Vanderbilt University is seeking a talented postdoc to join our group. This individual will work closely with our team to investigate mechanisms of Cellular Ribosome Homeostasis. This position is well-suited applicants with an interest in basic cellular mechanisms, cancer biology, or cellular aging, and career interests in both academia (R1 or PUI) as well as industry positions.

Department Biochemistry
Full Description

In August 2024 the Karbstein Lab will join the Department of Biochemistry at Vanderbilt University from Scripps. We are seeking enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers to grow our team and to carry out studies in ribosome assembly, quality control or repair. In addition to providing a better understanding about the cellular mechanisms underlying ribosome integrity, this basic science work is highly relevant to cancer biology, and the biology of aging. The lab relies heavily on biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as yeast genetics, but also utilizes structural tools, including cryo-EM. For examples of the type of research that will be undertaken see: Blomqvist et al, 2023, PLoS Genetics; Yang et al, 2023, Mol Cell; and Parker et al, 2024, PLoS Biology. 

Building on fundamental discoveries the lab has made over the last decade, we are seeking enthusiastic and motivated new team members to build on these discoveries and extend them in both translational directions (cancer or aging), as well as continue fundamental science.

The laboratory is a supportive, fast-paced environment, perfect for driven candidates who enjoy a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. The relatively small size of the lab provides Dr. Karbstein opportunity to directly mentor lab members and ensure their success. Based on discussions about career goals, Dr. Karbstein seeks to develop her team members’ skills and independence, enabling them to pursue any career goal they have. Reflecting the depth of their training, lab alumni are currently faculty at both major research institutions (Emory, Fred Hutch, Hanyang University, Korea) as well as top undergraduate teaching institutions (Trinity College, Eckerd College), or assume leadership positions in industry, where RNA science is a major asset. 

The lab strives to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable working environment, and we welcome people from all backgrounds to become part of our team and allow us to learn from their perspective. Based on her own experience as a single mother, Dr. Karbstein is committed to work-life balance, while enabling excellence in research.

Application Details

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter indicating their research interests and accomplishments, a CV, and arrange for three letters of reference to be sent to Dr. Karbstein’s email.

Contact Katrin Karbstein
(561) 232-9814
Posted 2024-05-13 04:14:58

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